John, Yoko, and El Buono

First time I ate at John and Yoko last Sunday thanks to Uncle Kristof and Tita Sandra for their treat. ^^ The rest of the family was there, of course.
John and Yoko 005

I ordered beef and spinach in tamago:

John and Yoko 004

Plus 2 drinks:

John and Yoko 002John and Yoko 003

Their food was alright yet I’m not really fond of “westernized” Japanese food. The beef and spinach in tamago was tasty. I say that’s the safest order. LOL The blue iced tea tastes like calamansi juice and the green apple sake isn’t too sweet. The alcoholic content seems low for my preference though. Yes, I like it stronger. 😛
John and Yoko’s service made me feel I’m in a fastfood. They’re always in a hurry, I’ve lost count how many times they spilled something, I think they broke one or two glasses during our stay there, and they kept bumping our chairs due to limited walking space. The restaurant is noisy with large-sized families that eat there. I call it an expensive canteen. >_> If you’re after true Japanese food, I wouldn’t recommend that. The place is good laughing trip with friends since it doesn’t matter if you’re too noisy and if you want more choices of “cooked” Japanese food. 😛 The only reason I would go back there would be for their drinks.

[singlepic id=198 w=400]

[singlepic id=199 w=200] [singlepic id=200 w=200]

There should always be Instax shots in every dinner or night out. XDDD More pictures here.
Last January, Jan and I met up with Kat and Drew for pizza tiemz~ at El Buono Pizza. Sadly, not everyone we invited joined the huge pizza feast and fishbowl-size cup of iced tea.
[singlepic id=191 w=400]
I don’t know how or why there are two El Buono signs there. >_>

[singlepic id=196 w=400]
Drew and Kat

We had four different toppings on the 22″ pizza we ordered. We settled for that because the 36″ is too big for us four. ^^;;; The pizza was tasty and not too oily. 🙂 The iced tea’s made of win.

El Buono 2010-0110 004

We were even asking for bottomless because we know it would be costly to keep on buying drinks while we try to finish the pizza. Our eyes went wide when they served our drinks. O_O The big glass is perfect for the pizza. We were expecting a a school of fish swimming in the glass. Hrhr~
Film shots from this night are up here. I was only able to take a few pics from that night because the place was cramped. All my stuff were on my lap. I couldn’t get an extra seat or table just to place my things.

I would love to go back to El Buono. Like I said, their pizza is good and you won’t get thirsty. We already tried their delivery service which, imo, is faster than known pizza restaurants. The only downside is their small restaurant. I guess they’re meant more for deliveries or takeouts.

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