Jason Mraz’s 3rd Concert in Manila

His concert last month was his third here, right? I’ve seen his acoustic performance the other year and full band performance this year. I prefer the former, to be honest. There’s something more intimate about it. You would really feel the love, positive, and chill vibes. Nevertheless, the recent concert was still enjoyable. I wish I could have afforded being on the front row! I would catch himself all the guitar picks he threw. DX Ah well, better than not seeing the Mr. Jason Mraz.

The Coliseum was almost full


Vin Diesels The super band’s horn section

This time I have the company of Kat and her sister. It is still better to be with friends on a concert than being alone. ^^;;;

We met up in CBTL Gateway where I had my favorite pasta salad for early dinner. When the lines at the General Admission seemed to have eased (their line was blocking the path), we went to the VIP and Lower Box entrance. I had my takeout coffee which I needed for my headache. I got told by Araneta security that drinks aren’t allowed inside. I asked the lady police, “Why? Drinks are sold inside, right?” All she could say was yes. I tried to finish coffee as fast as I could. That didn’t help with my headache. But I forgot about the pain as soon as Jason went on stage. Well, at least for an hour of his performance. πŸ™‚


That girl in the short black dress is pretty!


P1130190 P1130195

By this point, my eyes were already heavy. The more I tried to keep myself awake, the headache worsened. :& Still, that didn’t ruin my mood with Jason Mraz and his singing of my favorite songs including You & I Both and A Beautiful Mess. The latter never fails to bring me to tears.

Surprisingly, Araneta has allowed posters.
I know you don’t see them here. Haha~


Right before encore

The following is the setlist. Thanks to Kat who kept note and for verification.

  • The World As I See It (abridged version)
  • Everything is Sound
  • The Remedy
  • They Shaped My Life (Who I Am Today)
  • Butterfly
  • 3 Things
  • Frank D. Fixer
  • You & I Both
  • Living in the Moment
  • Lucky (with Zendee)
  • Make it Mine/Live High
  • Only Human
  • Plane
  • You Fckn Did It
  • I’m Coming Over
  • The Woman I Love
  • A Beautiful Mess
  • 93 Million Miles
  • I Won’t Give Up

And the encore:

  • Song for a Friend
  • I’m Yours/Three Little Birds (Bob Marley & the Wailers cover)


So much thanks and happiness for that night — Jason Mraz and his music of course, for the company, summady’s concern ♥, and the sundo.

Jason didn’t say word as to when he will be back. Right after he releases his next album, I hope. If not, his next visit will be because of ME. πŸ˜€

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