January movies and frightening nightmares

The last movie I watched last year was Avatar in 3D. I watched it alone as an early Christmas gift for myself. There’s nothing extraordinary about its story. The cinematography blew me away which resembles, imo, Final Fantasy X. The lighted pathways and lake, beautiful wild plants, and the fairy-like insects — all of which can be seen in the game. Inspired by the game, maybe?

The first movie I watched 2010 is SHERLOCK HOLMES. A great movie that I even recommended to my family and watched for the second time with them. The action scene’s amazing. I enjoy doing kicking and punching moves, so my excitement level shot up when I saw Sherlock kicking arses. 😀 Jude Law being overly handsome and Robert Downey Jr. being hot hot hot were plus plus plus points.

This is a list of the other movies I saw in the month of January so far. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, as they say, isn’t your typical Hollywood film. The plot was very promising until the storyline had to be changed due to the death of Heath Ledger. The appearance of Depp and Law was great (I swooned when I saw them both), but Heath Ledger was truly meant to be for the character. Too bad he didn’t get to finish it. Zombieland is another of movie I recommend. Watch it for survival lessons in case of a zombie outbreak. *lol* It was only shown recently and only for a week in the country.

Jan, Maru, Ace, and I watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on 3D last week. We only paid 1 Peso thanks again to PDI for the tickets. 😀 The movie is funny, cute and very colorful. *lol* I think it’s a good watch after Dear John although I heard that isn’t much of a tearjerker. 😛

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging is a rather old English film; released in 2008. Based on the book of the same title, it’s about Georgia living the 14 y/o life of understanding self, school, friends, and boys. Those English boys with deep accents had me ovulating and teary-eyed.

While I’m on the discussion on movies, check this list of 20 Weirdest Japanese films. I recommend Survive Style 5+. The movie portrays what seems to be life lessons. Only weird. One of my female crushes who’s half-Japanese and half-Spanish is in it.

Seattle's Best [BBF]
Parents in Seattle’s Best Greenbelt 3
Taken with a BBF

I had nightmares for three nights straight. I feel the need the share them in case anyone has an understanding of these. The first nightmare I had was about my brother. I was at a neighbor’s. A look-alike of my brother came over and informed us that my brother had a heart attack or he got hurt. He seemed calm which pissed me off. I rushed home and told the look-alike that he could have tried to save my brother. Though useless, I still tried all means to. The second was about losing a dog or 3 dogs. They didn’t die, but were dognapped. ^^;;; In the third nightmare, I lost a special object.

Sometimes forgetting dreams has its advantages. Should these dreams be still clear in my head, I would be worried and paranoid. I thought the third nightmare would be the last for, at least, this week. When I took a nap at work yesterday, I had a short dream about going out with my officemates and forgetting somewhere my netbook. I found the bag somewhere only the netbook was missing. ~_~ What do you guys think? My fear of losing someone or something is being visualized by my subconscious I believe.

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  • Kat

    I hate those kinds of dreams. I wake up, and I’m all nervous & scared. Sometimes, I don’t remember the details, but I can remember the feeling and it’s not fun.

    Hmm, I saw Cloudy last year. I didn’t think they’d show it, what after they totally skipped Coraline (it’s been a year now wah!). Didn’t get to catch Imaginarium *sulk*. Sherlock’s the only one I’ve seen this year… so far.

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