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Definitely worth rushing to *lol* ;D

Italianni’s Bloggers Event
Catch the “EXTRA” Experience!!!

Good thing I woke up early last June 17. I was getting my to-do list done in the morning before I had to meet-up with bf. I checked my cp around 10:30AM (it’s always on silent-mode) and read a message from YEHEY regarding the blog event of Italianni’s. Very surprised, I asked if I really made it in the cut because I didn’t receive any email. Since I submitted my registration, I kept checking my email almost every minute and even my spam folder, but still nothing. The reminder really surprised me. So Mac and I had to rush. ^_^V

The registration was 11AM, but we arrived 12:30PM. Talk about super late! Fortunately they just started so it was cool. I think we only missed 1-2 dishes.

Other bloggers and their _extras_ XD
Other bloggers; some with their “extras” ^_^

Iggy, a fellow-blogger, is very welcoming and quickly passed the food to us as Mac and I took our seats. Italianni’s served a lot of food — chicken salad, different fish dishes, steak, desserts, shooters, etc. I never got to list down the names of everything I ate. Too busy eating and trying to take pictures. *lol*

Mac and I werent’t given plates right away, so this is what we ate first:

Garlic breads + a spread
Garlic breads + a spread

The spread tasted a bit of garlic and cheese. This is delicious. I could have eaten a lot of this if it were possible. I just didn’t want to because there were still a lot to eat. ^_^

Chicken salad

Italianni’s chicken salad tastes better than their Caesar salad. The Caesar salad is my family’s favorite. We order it whenever we go to a restaurant that has it on their menu. So, yeah, we have tasted their Caesar salad. The chicken salad is a lot better; it has more dressing too. The croutons are fresh that makes not hard to eat for a metal-mouth like me. XDDD Fufu~ I like croutons. 😀

As far as I remember, they served 3 different kinds of fish dishes. I only got to take pictures of two:

Grilled fish?

Fish fillet

The grilled fish is delicious! You should definitely order that when you eat at Italianni’s. ^_^ I think it’s the sauce. It’s slightly spicy. The fish, I’m thinking it’s salmon, was cooked well. After finishing the slice, I wanted to get more, but I couldn’t find it anymore. XD I’m guessing it’s a big hit. This porkchop too:


That’s just super yummy. Super duper yummy! HAHAHAH~ XDDD


Fried Calamari (or calamares) is one of my favorite foods. It’s one of those must-order when going out for a beer or two. *lol* Anyway, their calamari isn’t chewable like a bubble gum. You know that the squid is fresh. 🙂 I hate to admit, but some restos have bubble gum-like calamares. ~_~

Before I forget, here are the fruit shakes Mac and I had:

Strawberry shake
I ♥ strawberries. 😀

Watermelon shake
It’s real watermelon and not artificially flavored

Time flew real fast. I don’t think it was even enough for us with all the food we had. @_@; The dessert went quick. We had several, but I only got to taste a few. We were on a long table. Passing food is a kinda tough. -_- Well, specially in that situation wherein most of us do not know each other. ^_^V

There was supposed to be ice cream on top of this. XD

The one on the left has just the right amount of sweetness. I like! 😀


My favorite is the egg-like one. It isn’t super sweet. I was able to find out its name, but it’s one of those kinda hard to pronounce foods so the name didn’t stick to mind. *lol* My Dad ordered one of this recently, but w/ a blueberry sauce. Still delicious even though expensive. D: Other treats that we got are the baked mussels and shooters. There were pastas, I think, but me and Mac didn’t get to eat any. -_-

So that sums up my lunch at Italianni’s. I am so lucky I was able to make it. 😀

Eat at Italianni’s and get an “extra” on the house. You won’t be able to request your extra. It’s a surprise! When we had a dinner there recently to celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary, we got a free dessert. ^_^ Italianni’s has 12 branches — Greenbelt 2, Glorietta 4, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, Greenhills, Tomas Morato, Eastwood City, Gateway, Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma, & Robinson’s Midtown in Malate.


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