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IronMan, Batman, Supes, and Spidey figs

Usual suspects and I went out last Saturday for Joiz’s errands. During that ‘trip’, I bought an Iron Man figure.

It comes with a card and short comic. The comic is confusing because I don’t know which panel I should start on, but Iron Man in it looks adorable.

These fellas, on the other hand, I bought from Joiz and Kat since they had doubles of these and/or didn’t want them.


Batman with a 4-pack


All of them comes only with three superhero cards and guns. I would understand why Batman would have them, but Spidey and Supes? If you want to see, I got a picture of them with guns in my Instagram feed. And here’s one more figure I received as a gift from Drew. πŸ˜€

Batman with a 6-pack

Considering getting the others because of the boys, but I would have to ask them first which characters they don’t have yet.


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