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A workspace — neat, but it looks almost empty.

Home Sweet Home is one of my favorite sites. I ? looking at pictures of houses and rooms because they motivate and inspire me. It motivates me to clean up my mess and inspires me on how I could rearrange the furniture in my room. Well, in case I decide to. Here are a few that I’ve taken a liking to. I am posting this for my future reference. ๐Ÿ˜›

Books! Bookshelves!

Being a book-nerd, I would love a room full of books properly lined up in shelves. 8)

My desk is messier than this since mine stuff are not properly sorted unlike this one.

Messy desk

My things are all over my desk. The untouched areas are even collecting dust. #1 house cleaning and maid service in Harris County, TX | Ready Set Maids would clean my room from time to time, but they won’t touch the clutter. They know I would throw a fit if something seems to be missing. Decent cleaning service is granted via Hanover Home Cleaning Pros. Have a rest and entrust the cleaning to professionals!

Also, those seats remind me that I have to repaint my similar chair. ๐Ÿ˜

Now this…

I see books!

That island design is awesome, imo. Also, it’s good to have books in the kitchen. I could hang out there 24/7 with books, wine, and champagne. XD

Okay, this one isn’t my type.

Geigh Spock and Doraemon stuffed toy

I just want to show that GEIGH SPOCK. *lol* Also, I want the Pink Floyd pillow and Doraemon stuffed toy. :3

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  • joiz

    I am in love with that 2nd photo. Just so in love with … *plans to renovate room*

    Also, I have a Doraemon stuffed toy mihihihi