(Infinite Ryvius) – Dis~ (Jap. version)

Who is your ideal Korean guy?

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Oh my freakin’ goodness!! I told you WE’RE MEANT TO BE! Luckiness!! wo0t!! This is makin’ me all teary-eyed!! Waaaaaaaahhh!! I want my TAYA!! XDDD

Oh yeah, I already managed to get the whole Shinhwa 6th jib on mp3. Yay!! I gotta deal with this til I get my hands on the actual album. ^_^ Support them, right?? I’ve been big supporter of the group ever since Choti’s gone…boo~ JTL’s awfully cool though. XD They rock in MTV Asia…I wonder if Maki was able to watch. Hmm…prolly not. If I could only record that and have it transferred in any video format.

I got another Click-B vid. Mwehehehheeheh~ It’s a My Sassy Girl spoof, me thinks. I really don’t like that group, but there’s this guy there that really attracts me. O___O Yeah…weird. I just like looking at his face. That’s all. Of course nobody else could beat Kang Ta! *tee-hee* Speaking of My Sassy Girl, I hope Ian could get that ripped from DVD. I wanna watch that. ^___^ I can’t also wait for my incoming J-drama/movies stuffu. Waii! The Story of April is included in that package, me thinks, so I’ll watch that first when it gets here. ^_^

It’s only today that I got to check the applicants for hosting. I’ve started sorting things out with them already. Hopefully they will be added in the family. ^________^

*gah* I still can’t believe…I got KANG TA! whoopeeeee!!

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