In the office, safe and in one piece

MRT was such a pain in the arse today. I lined up starting from the Metropoint EDSA entrance then it went to the other end of the station then back. Then once more to the other end for the main entrance of the station. Egads! I made a commotion because of the guys who kept pushing and pushing that it got hard to walk. I called them puta and also said lumalabas pagka-animal ng mga tao. ~_~ When I got in, I wanted to beat up the security guard (since he was also shouting at the people to complain inside) because there was hardly any line in the ticket area. BUSET!

Ah well… I must still be grateful! I didn’t have to walk further to the jeepney stand in Guadalupe; there was already a jeep waiting near the stairs at the Guadalupe MRT Station. Elevators in the office went fast. I’m grateful I arrived in the office without harm and my things are still complete.

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