I’m Yours on Faustào

Jason Mraz just updated his blog with a YouTube video of his performance on Faustào. It _is_ too silly! Watch the video, so you can see how amused he was. I couldn’t stop lauging over the dancers. XD;

While I hesitate posting this, it’s too silly not to share. Last night we performed on Faustào, Brazil’s biggest talk/variety-show where the average Sunday night viewership is 40 million. That’s a lot of people watching TV! Way more than an American Idol Finale. The show has the tendency to last 3 hours and there are very few commercial breaks as Faustào, the grandiose Host, does most of the pitching. Take a look at everyone’s favorite hippy song as celebrated by the Faustào Audience and His Solid Gold Dancers. Besides feeling like I was on a game show, I was present to wishing I’d worn a belt.

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