I won a leather journal :D

Mukhang Pera, Bury Me in This Dress, and YesNoMeh was giving away a handcrafted leather journal from AmberLuke. It almost slipped my mind until one night, while catching up on Plurk, I read this.


Leather journal handcrafted by AmberLuke

*lol* This is the first time I won in an online contest. I was shocked at first. I thought Karen was playing an early April Fool’s joke. XD;

Thank you Mukhang Pera, YesNoMeh, and Bury Me in This Dress!

4 thoughts on “I won a leather journal :D

  1. @Nagashiko: TY 😀 Are your contests local-based? Anyway, I try even international contests. *lol*

    @Erlyn: Thank you! It is a lovely and cute journal. I can’t use it right away though. :/ Sure, let’s exchange links. ^^

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