I was denied!?

My Sun application was taking too long that I had this feeling it was denied. I was right, but Sun Shop in Park Square made an appeal to their credit management.

I originally intended to apply for the Call & Surf Plan 999 since having a broadband and a separate prepaid sim for call and texting are almost the same. Being ineligible for that, I had to choose 2 350 plans — one for me and the other for Jan. I told them that applying for the Call & Surf Plan 999 and another 350 postpaid plan’s pretty much the same as paying monthly for their broadband and the 2 350 plans. It was stupid! All the girl Sun-rep did was smile. She’s probably thinking that she’s only doing her job or she must have realized her company’s stupidity. Anyway, I gave what was required yet they still asked for payslips of the last two half-month pay periods. That was weird considering my Certificate of Employment is the latest. Oh well, requirements are requirements so I had to return the following day. >_>

Again, lining up took longer than talking to their customer service. ~_~ I gave the payslips and filled up a form requiring three landline #s for verification purposes. They told me I would hear from them in 24 hours which WAS A MAJOR BULL. I don’t remember how many days it took, but they eventually called only to ask for a number from a relative. I gave the same number as the one I wrote on the form. I haven’t heard from them in days again, so Jan and I went to the shop only to be asked for a number. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. GRR~ It was hard to give them a number of a relative when most of them aren’t living in the Philippines anymore.

Last September 18, a lady called my place and said that my application is already under credit management. I would hear from them in 2 days. Imo, they shouldn’t be STATING SUCH LIE. Not receiving any call in the span of 2 days, we went to Sun again. This time, I found out my application was denied. They didn’t say why or how, but they said they’re making an appeal to the credit management. THEY SHOULD. I have a postpaid broadband plan with them, so why deny me this time!? I am paying a LOT of big bills that the amount of 350 isn’t even a quarter in any of them. Globe was even willing to give me a plan PhP1200. Only for a measly 350, they deny me!? They’re even stricter than Citibank that hasn’t failed me in any of my purchases. ~_~ They gave my Mom a third line which really pissed me off. I guess they would only approve an application if you show a competitor’s bill. I also believe that the customer is a priority if you’re willing to pay a big amount of moolah during the moment you’re in their shop. Like when my officemate was getting the Easy Broadband
Plan 779, she was given priority while they almost ignored me when I wanted to apply for the Call & Surf Plan. *shakes head*

I’m already having second thoughts about pursuing my application especially now that Globe has the SUPER-UNLI promo. It may be for a limited time, but I’m starting to think that unlimited call and texting from Sun isn’t all that when there’s Skype even.

I was inspired to write this post because of this. Karen‘s also pissed at Sun because her Call & Surf Plan 999 application’s also taking, but I don’t know if that was denied as well.

UPDATE: I accompanied my Father to Sun Shop yesterday, so I inquired about my application. Turns out it was approved last October 2, yet they haven’t bothered to contact me. That took almost a month, Sun Cellular! 😐


  • MiGs

    Someone from inside Sun told me that they are denying applications so that people will be forced to get the easy broadband instead. Coz they will get instant payment for the unit.

    So don’t bother applying.. Just get the easy broadband.
  • Shabby

    @MiGs: I already have the Easy broadband. I was applying for the Postpaid which they denied at first. It’s weird when I already have a postpaid broadband with them. =_= After a long wait, I eventually got the plans.
  • Marjorie Dayag

    Well, I think Sun ang pinakapangit na network. I have a plan with Smart and Globe for more than 5 years na and kung may mga flaws man na reported sa kanila sooobrang napaka cooperative and eager ng mga customer service nilang tulungan mga customer nila but for the sun I don’t know kung saan sila kumukuha ng mga inihaharap sa customers they are just bunch of liars and irresponsible employee. 10 mos ago I tried to get first their lowest plan 350 since it is also tied-up with my HSBC nung masira yung unit under warranty pa ang sabi ba naman sa akin wala silang maibibigay na service unit sa akin then tawagan ako kinabukasan hanggang ngayon wala pang tawag 1wk na. napaka unreliable nila. Mabuti na lang di masyadong malaking plan kinuha ko sa kanila at least I still went to my instinct 10mos ago na pangit talaga sun. Try globe, for me they have the best service ever. To date I have 2 plans with them 1800 and 800 never pa ako nadisappoint sa customer service nila just call them and sila na bahala. Maganda rin ang smart although minsan sumasablay sila sa services medyo ok rin naman. Wag lang Sun mamumuti mata mo sa kahihintay di talaga sila mag uupdate regarding sa follow-up nyo. Wag din kayo maniwala sa ads nila kung hindi mabagal, soobrang annoying ng signal nawawala wala. I am not considering myself extending any plan with them anymore (bayaran ko na lang yung natitira pang 14mos then that’s it–> since katwiran nila naka contract daw! kahit poor yung service). Lessons learned never patronage any product that doesn’t care about their customers.
  • Marjorie Dayag

    And forgot to add this one on my previous note: For Globe, if you are a loyal plan holder nila for a long time they might offer you a free IPHONE hehehe (I already got two from them FREE) so ok talaga. Sa smart 2 and a half years pa lang kasi akong naka paln so di ko pa masyado alam kung ganun din kaganda mga offers nila but everytime naman na nageextend ako ng plan I always get free unit–> so ok pa rin. Unlike sun, they can’t even make it at least to my first year impression to evaluate their services rating nila agad is 1 (at least i still considered yung 10 mos na gunagana naman service nila sa akin hahaha)

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