I need some magic now

Suddenly bummed. It all started when somebody asked if the boyfran gets mad over my kalokohan. I think it’s _he_ who is angry over it. But I understand where he’s getting at. 😐 Anyway, I need some magic to rid of this shitty feeling.

  • I’m grateful for nights made hilarious by friends such as last night with Jan and her poser Jack. AHAHAHAHA~ (J/k, Jan!)

    One of the very few decent pics Jan and I have from last night

  • I can never be thankful enough for morning messages and concern from Mr. Bedroom Voice. And that phone call today! Kamusta naman ang boses? 😀

  • Thanks to technology, I always have fun, girly conversations with Joiz and Kat. 😀 If only I could archive those conversations.

Oh man, I still can’t help but think I’m already being bothersome to him. 🙁 I think I should do some quick personal pampering.

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