I has tired legs

Too much walking yesterday. Thank goodness ankle cooperated. XD;

I told Jan we’d go to Greenhills between 9:30AM-10:30AM, but I had to add more information in the climate change speech which took me long. Jan then had to go to the office to escape the wrath of her father *lol* and wait for me. ^_^V I then decided it was better that I take the half-day off to spend time with Jan instead of rushing to Greenhills and back to the office.

First, we went to Greenhills to pick up my toy reservation. That was the real purpose of our meet up anyway. Haha~ We looked around Shoppesville and Virramall (V-Mall — whatever it is called now). We tried the HK-Style noodles for snack. I had too much chili garlic that I felt smoke would come out of o my nose. *lol* We looked around toy shops once more after that. We also searched for a Globe center because Jan had to file a complaint regarding their broken landline. Since there was none, we headed to Ayala… By bus. >_> Walking to the MRT was a pain especially with MMDA’s elevated walkway.

After the Globe duty at Greenbelt 3, we hanged out near the ‘pond.’ :3 That was the first time I didn’t smoke there! I haven’t actually smoke din days. *feels slightly proud* *lol* Oh, for the LULz~ Bus vandals are sometimes hilarious. XDDD

When I got home, I decided that I get a haircut while I was in the mood. I quickly changed clothes then forced brother to accompany me. XD Going to the parlor ended up in fail though as we weren’t properly accommodated. Lady told us there was a long line of customers and they were shorthanded. Then she disappeared. ~_~ The parlor gives crappy service when their big boss isn’t around. I shouldn’t have gone out anymore. My legs almost gave up on me.

I didn’t think commuting to Greenhills was easy. Haha~ I often went there by car. ^_^V The downside is the long walk from MRT Ortigas station to the puv loading area which is the only thing that will keep me from frequenting the place and spend all my moolah on toys. Jan had witnessed my geekery on those. I almost bought all the Keroro Gunsou plamo I saw and Gundam markers. There was also a cute Tamagotchi toy. Good thing it didn’t call out for me. XD; I only regret not buying one of those Gundam pliers. Yesh, it has to be an effin’ Gundam plier because I’m a geek. Brother wouldn’t be happy if I did. HAHA~

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