I had fun at F?te de la Musique night and also got my heart broken. Twice.

My second post this 2014 is one of my backlog from last year.

F?te de la Musique 2013 was held last June 15 at A. Venue, Makati City. The main guest band from Paris, France is Na?ve New Beaters. One of their songs is featured in NBA2K10 based on their Wiki page. Honestly, I don’t remember the songs in that game.

The pocket venues were B-Side (the farthest), Buddha Bar, Saguijo, Bay Leaf Lounge, Society Lounge, Chihuahua (huh, I should have gone here), H&J, and Caf? Curieux. (Bands list here.) Well, that was the original lineup I saw from the event’s official website, but it turns out they did some changes. With the usual suspects ladies Joiz and Kat, we ended up watching blues bands instead of reggae and world in Caf? Curieux. No problem with the music as I still had fun and I also got to see a batchmate from high school. Though I would still have preferred to listen to reggae. Maybe I wouldn’t have ended up having my heart broken twice either.



Naive New Beaters (minus the guitarist) already getting wasted before performance.
Guy on the right is a cutie πŸ˜€



A. Veue parking lot was packed!

There will always be one holing up an iPad.

P1060574 P1060575
At Caf? Curieux. I would have danced if only it didn’t seem awkward being surrounded by mostly huge foreign guys and sexay ladies. D:

The last I saw Papa Dom πŸ™

I kept promoting the event. Makati LGU provided security and traffic assistance to the organizers and I was the focal contact person. There were some minor changes in the program that was beyond my control. Yet, given the crowds that night, I can say it was a success. All pictures I took are uploaded here.

We had a blast! I had an encounter with an old dude who made remarks about my two-finger ring, I talked to the musician who unknowingly broke my heart, got the best Black Russian I have ever drank and it was a strong one too :9 , had a food trip with the ladies, and had an all-nighter because of another guy who also unknowingly did something to my heart. Such a funny!

With Joiz and Kat ♥
Marco and Missy Sara were with us in spirit.

This year’s F?te de la Musique, I wonder what would be in store for K. Wasabi?

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  • Kat

    Breaks my heart that it was the last we saw of Papa Dom. Still, I’m glad we managed to catch their set. Balik tayo ng El Nido and celebrate his life there. πŸ˜›

    Still a memorable night. Also, Tirso Ripoll <3

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