I had a doggies dream ^^ + dA plugs

I wasted time reading The Superficial blog again. ~_~ *sighs* Even though I enjoy the jokes, sarcasm, and other shit there, I had to remove their feed from my Google Reader.

This kind of video shouldn’t be uploaded anymore. Especially in YOUTUBE. Gawd! X_X *coughs* Moving on…

It’s still May, but I guess the rainy season started early. May’s still part of the summer season, right? O_o The weather is unbelievable. *sighs* Also, all the calamities happening in different countries is a sign… For us to be good people! >_> I kid. I’m in no position to say that. Saddening how one tragedy comes after another. *shakes head*

I’m finally (sorta) free from household chores! *lol* Officially started yesterday. Man, it’s so tiring, but I still tend to the dogs. Because I want to. I love them so much that I even had a dream about them. πŸ˜€ ♥ ♥ ♥ In the dream, I was walking around somewhere full of trees and grass. It was either just green or white in my dream. Then someone said that wherever we were was a good location for a movie or a shoot which I agreed to. I remembered Allie then I felt sad. I started to look for the dogs. Suddenly, I had a film camera in my hand. I saw Marie standing (as if dancing) on a bed while I peeked through the viewfinder. The sun’s rays shone on her even making it an awesome image. I was telling my companion, but she didn’t see Marie. She was like a ghost that can only be seen with a camera. ^_^ The dream hardly made sense, I know. It only probably showed how much I have been thinking about the dogs and cameras. *lol*

My period started yesterday. Ugh~ I felt awful. I was having mood swings. I felt depressed. I felt mad at the world. There are reasons why and not just because of the period. I’ll spare the drama now. Should post about it next time when I can’t find myself to forget. πŸ˜›

The other day I finished JEANNE D’ARC! That game is long. ~_~ But it’s good. Addicting due to the storyline. I was always curious as to what happens next after a fight, so I kept moving on and barely made efforts to make my characters strong. *lol* They’re levels are 5-6 points higher than the enemies anyway, so hardly got problems fighting with the bosses. The final boss was a piece of cake. XD Now I can finish FFXII. D: After… What? 2 years? XDDD

Some new additions to my semi-dead dA account. πŸ˜› I know these aren’t dA-worthy. But, who cares? *lol*

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