I almost felt heaven

Fufufu~ And I thought I was already in heaven during the sauna. *lol*

Our robes look like men’s kimono. We also look like patients about to be murdered or sumfin’. XD;

Shabby, Liza, and Jaja
Me, Liza, and Jaja

My officemates and I went to TWINHEARTS SPA (i know, the name’s funny! XDDD) for our free full body massage. It was rather different from the one I had before, but that’s because it was in a different massage parlor. Although there were only 2 oils to choose from compared to the 40 or so oils in the other one, Twinhearts was better. The massage was so good, I almost died. If I did, I would have died happy. *lol*

My masseuse is a bit weird. Jaja and Liza were given towels by their masseuses to cover ’em up when they removed their bras, but mine made me go topless in front of everyone. D: Oh well, she did an amazing job though. \o\ /o/~~~~~ Shutter days are temporarily over. πŸ˜€

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