HS field trips and interactions

Late last year, Phoebe lent me her collection of photos from grade school to high school. Good thing I never liked having my picture taken back then. They would make good blackmail photos. ^^;;; It took me a while to scan and months to upload them. But I’ve only uploaded those from field trips and interactions. Here are pictures of me during an interaction with Don Bosco Makati. We were second year high school then.

CSR Interaction 001

CSR Interaction 004

CSR Interaction 006

In case you’re wondering, we have interactions since our school is an exclusive school for girls. The HS students, once a year, has an interaction with another exclusive school for boys. I’m not sure now, but back then it was either Don Bosco Makati or Mandaluyong. Here are some humiliating pictures from a field trip. 😛 I’m guessing we were in grade 7.

CSR Field Trips 001

CSR Field Trips 002

CSR Field Trips 003

CSR Field Trips 006

CSR Field Trips 007

CSR Field Trips 008

CSR Field Trips 010

CSR Field Trips 011

CSR Field Trips 012

I used to be thin and pretty. Now I’m fat and fugly. /truth

The rest are uploaded here.

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