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Hong Kong second day log

The only plan I had on that day was to see the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. I read several websites on it and concluded that going and walking around there will involve a lot of walking. So I didn’t plan any other place to go to aside from the monastery. Though there were still some stops along the way to and after the monastery. Thankfully, my sprained foot cooperate, but I paid the price the day after.

HK 0920 0001

HK 0920 0002

HK 0920 0003

HK 0920 0004

On the way to the monastery, we saw Ikea at HomeSquare. We went there for a bit to cool down and have lunch. I found out that Ikea branch has a restaurant, so I thought of trying it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the restaurant. The directions had me confused. HomeSquare map showed two Ikea food joints if I recall right, but it was only Ikea Bistro that I saw. I settled for that and had chicken balls. I was already hungry and I didn’t want to waste more time to look for the restaurant. There were so many people too!

HK 0920 0005

HK 0920 0006

They also have a small grocery. There was Ikea beer which I badly wanted to try. But I didn’t want to carry around the beer and I had unlimited supply of Tsing Tao at the hotel.

HK 0920 0007

HK 0920 0008

HK 0920 0009

HK 0920 0010

I wanted one of each. Le sigh~

HK 0920 0011

HK 0920 0012

HK 0920 0013

HK 0920 0015

HK 0920 0017
Sha Tin Government Offices

HK 0920 0018

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is a short walk from Sha Tin Government Offices and two blocks away from Home Square.

HK 0920 0019
HK 0920 0020

HK 0920 0021

But the ten thousand Buddhas is a long walk up a hill. Details and pictures of the monastery will be in a separate post with photo-spam. Here’s a teaser photo:

HK 0920 0060

I was not able to see the upper part of the monastery because I didn’t know I could still go further up and it was already closing time. Monkeys already roam around the monastery by then. Staying would be dangerous.

HK 0920 0099

HK 0920 0100
This kid needs to have a new iPad case. Click on image and zoom in to find out why.

Getting to and from the monastery is quite a travel. I was already hungry before our last train trip back to the hotel, so we had dinner at Tea Wood, Tsim Sha Tsui first. Tsim Sha Tsui was our last connecting station btw.. There were many dining options around Tsim Sha Tsui, but I chose the restaurant for the AC, it looks nice and new, and there weren’t many people. Besides, though we could have eaten at Causeway Bay with that being our last stop, I learned many photo stores were in the area.

HK 0920 0101

HK 0920 0103
View from our table in Tea Wood

I needed films and it would be a plus if I get rare ones. From the Tsim Tsa Tsui station, there’s already a lot of photo stores, but mostly sell igital cameras. I didn’t bother checking them for films because they might not have them or, if they do, they might be frickin’ expensive. I happened to come across Dot-Well online, so I checked their physical store and I scored me what little films that I can afford. So poor I was. πŸ™

HK 0920 0108

It was back to the hotel after film shopping.

HK 0920 0109

HK 0920 0110

HK 0920 0111

Coming up — Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery blog post. πŸ™‚

Some of the photos are ninja-shots. I apologize for their quality.

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