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Hong Kong – Arrival and day 1

I went to Hong Kong last September 18 to 22. It was a four nights and four days stay. Kuala Lumpur was actually my first choice, but Hong Kong was insisted because of a certain shop. Well, it was fine with me because I haven’t gone to any other Asian country except Japan (not outside the airport even). I thought I wouldn’t be able to push through with the trip when I got a bit held in NAIA2’s immigration. But I was allowed to go through after persistently clarifying matters to the immigration lady.

What if I wasn’t let through after all the trouble and payments done?

I don’t want to think about it.

Our flight was delayed due to air traffic and we were 5 minutes late on arrival, but we arrived safely. We also had no troubles in HK’s airport. The hotel pickup wasn’t hard to find either. The driver just didn’t believe it was me who he was supposed to be waiting for because of my real name.

HK 0918 001

HK 0918 006

HK 0918 009

HK 0918 010

HK 0918 018

HK 0918 020

I took the pics while in the car, so I only got very few clear and not even decent shots. Haven’t tried hallucinogens? That’s how your surroundings will look with that stuff. LOL~ J/k!

We booked at Ovolo Hotel in Shek Pai Wan, Aberdeen. The hotel isn’t five-star, but it’s still a very nice hotel with very decent service.

The vacation starts the following day, September 19. With just two hours of shallow sleep because of an unexpected event, I was woken up by a fire alarm that almost gave me a seizure. It went off twice. There wasn’t any fire. It was just other folks in the hotel turned on the alarm for some reason.

I did not prepare any itinerary at all except to see toy shops and, of course, the main reason for going to HK. Ocean Park was suggested even though I had no intention of seeing any tourist attractions. I then decided to schedule Ocean Park on either the second or third day. The first day was spent on familiarizing the MTR and bus transit systems by visiting the seemingly easily accessible shops in my list.

HK 0919 002
View from our room

HK 0919 003
The wall fronting the reception area

HK 0919 005

HK 0919 006
Shek Pai Wan Road

HK 0919 008

HK 0919 011
Circle K is where I get our budget cold soba for dinner

HK 0919 015

HK 0919 016

HK 0919 017

HK 0919 018
Heading to the bus stop

HK 0919 020
An old man talked to me in their unfamiliar language. He probably meant
I was crazy to fall in line to that bus stop because it was for senior citizens.

HK 0919 022

HK 0919 023
See the poor duckies?

HK 0919 024

HK 0919 027
If you get lost, that means you just don’t read.

HK 0919 028

HK 0919 030

HK 0919 031

Our first stop was Asahiya Bookstore which I had trouble locating. SOGO Department Store must have done some rearrangements. I also forgot that the bookstore is inside SOGO and Google Map had me going back and forth the streets behind the department store.

HK 0919 032

HK 0919 033

About to give up, I went back to SOGO and did what I should have done from the start — Ask their customer service. The CS ladies I asked were confused but another CS overheard Asahiya and told me it’s at the 11th floor. After another trouble of getting to that floor, I finally reached Asahiya. All the trouble was worth it in spite not getting a single book or magazine. Asahiya has heaps and heaps of manga, magazines, and novels. If only, I could have brought home a BeXBoy Gold and some yaoi manga. If there were Weekly Playboys too. The only challenge would be how not to get caught with them.

HK 0919 034

HK 0919 035

HK 0919 036

HK 0919 038

After Asahiya, my Mom suggested we go to Victoria Park. But, we had lunch first in a restaurant located in this building:

HK 0919 037

The lunch was at Beppu Ekimae. They have a decent selection of food from sushi to ramen to donburi. Food price range is HKD50 to HKD70.

HK 0919 039
My Mom’s order

HK 0919 040
And mine

My mom also ordered a donburi which we had to take out because we were already full from the noodles.

After the somewhat expensive but heavy meal, we headed to Victoria Park.

HK 0919 041
Joiz, Kat, and Drew — Let’s watch? XDDD

HK 0919 042

HK 0919 043

HK 0919 044

I was able to take pictures of the park only with my film camera especially when a guard called our attention after we took pictures of their English fail (already posted in my Instagram). We still had two more stops before we returned to the hotel — Charlie Brown Cafe and Avenue of Stars.

HK 0919 046

HK 0919 051

HK 0919 056

Ikea was along the way, so we did a quick stop there.

HK 0919 059
This bedroom layout looks cramped, but I like.

HK 0919 062
Disco ball WANT!

HK 0919 063
When I need a full-body mirror, I will have to look for something similar.

HK 0919 064

HK 0919 065

HK 0919 066
Riding the subway to Tsim Sha Tsui where the cafe is.

HK 0919 068
Cutie doggie walking with his owner without a leash and random guy chases this dog to take pics of him/her πŸ™‚

HK 0919 070

HK 0919 072
Found Charlie Brown Cafe! πŸ˜€

TBC in last installment of the first day of HK post.


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