hiyee~! man, i miss blogging!

hiyee~! man, i miss blogging! ^.^ anywayz, i enrolled _yesterday_ (it’s already 2:25 am while i’m typing this, so it’s yesterday. ^^;;) and, would you believe, i waited in a very long line the whole day!?! *gah* good thing some of my friends accompanied me. i would have been bored to death. -_- ugh~ i shared to my friends a lot of stories about me, the band, the debut last easter sunday, the cotillion practices, calvin, & my one-day crush. yeah…i had a ONE-DAY CRUSHIE. *LoL* guess who, yO! XD

i’m mentioning that person here, so even if you dunno that ONE-DAY CRUSHIE of mine, just tell me the name. ^_________________^ let’s see who can answer! *woo-hoo* now i’ll know if there really are people reading this _boring_ blog of mine. 😛 i think it’s not really that interesting…know what i mean?

dang, i gotta attend both chemistry & physics classes next quarter. i’m going to die. really. i’ll die. i’ll become a geek and go crazy. *sigh* must deal with it…i have no choice..darnit.

look at this irvine pic…oh my… O_O *sweatdrop*

sekshii, isn’t he?? oh wellz, i better get going ‘coz i’m just babbling away. there’s nothing much to say. aahahahah~~ gomen! ^_^;;
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