hello SMS

I had this messaging app before in both my S3 and Dante. Now I just have it on the latter. Well, until the end of this post. πŸ˜›

hello SMS

Before hello SMS, I used chomp SMS which was loaded with features that you can almost completely customize the app. But that actually made the app ‘too much’ for me and I disliked that I had to install emojis and themes separately from the Play Store instead of within the app. hello SMS came, so I switched right away. What I liked about hello SMS are:

  • Minimalistic UI. The installed font in my Dante made the app look better even. There’s also a night mode option.
  • Not bloated
  • Tabbed messages

I did miss the notification settings per contact. With chomp SMS, I had the option to not only choose a ringtone per contact but the light notification as well. I stopped using hello SMS especially on my (rooted) S3 because opening messages there could take forever and that I couldn’t delete multiple messages per sender. In my Dante, Avast keeps sending me a “Potentially unwanted program detected – Android:Donwloader-C [PUP]” warning every time I open the app. So I’ll also be removing the app there. Better to be safe than sorry. πŸ˜› I even believed this app to be bloat-free compared to other messaging apps. I would test hello SMS on my new toy, but I discovered another app and I think I’ll stay with that. πŸ™‚

hello SMS currently has a million downloads with 4.3 rating. It sees to work great for others, but I find this needs only needs more refining. Get it on Google Play Store for free (with in-app purchases) here.

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