Happy-sad weekend

Friday was sort of good though the boss made me, Jaja, and Doy stay at work until past office hours. DX I treated Jan to dinner in Isshin after the long day at work. It’s my thanks for accompanying, supporting, and waiting for me when I visited Dad last November 2. I somehow can remember dates with fugly events than birthdays of relatives and friends. X_X We had a feast, I smoked a lot, and talked about boys who are more confusing than women. We left the resto around almost midnight then we went to Gb3 since I thought of treating the family at CBTL and I accompanied Jan to look for cabbie. Too bad we didn’t have camwhoring pics then.

Jan and I Saturday was alright. I didn’t want to go out, but I already told my parents to accompany me to Shoppesville to get the extremely late birthday gift for myself. The gift was supposed to be Gloomy Bear Revoltech, but the store didn’t check my reservation properly even though I did it through their website. ~_~ I ended up with a Revoltech Arch Gurren Lagann which I think isn’t that bad of a purchase. :/ In the evening, Jan and I met up again to keep ourselves entertained. It was an amusing night. We walked around Greenbelt area to look for a cellphone loading shop before we had dinner. We only got lucky in Greenbelt 1. It is also where a toy shop held me up. >_> I bought a Detroit Metal City Revoltech set. XD; If I had more moolah, I think I would have bought the Darth Vader helmet even. The saleslady was laughing at me because I was interested in such toys. She thought I was going to give them as gifts, but Jan corrected her and said they’re for me. XD; The saleslady laughed more then said that the helmet would be awesome for picture purposes. *lol* So true! Jan suggested I visit Dad again wearing that. The voice changer is a GREAT plus. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ (Maru told me to get a lightsaber too. *lol*)

We have such lazy asses that we don’t have pics as proof of our date. *lol* Though we took pics during our coffee time after having Figaro dinner. ^_^

Frappe and Tea LatteJan SmokingHello, Lung Cancer

During dinner and coffee tiemz, Paparazzi kept playing in the background. That was the emo song of the night. XD; The bar ICE also played Nobody twice. Greenbelt 3’s unlikely the place where we’ll hear that. DX There were also a lot of foreigners — more than the usual! Lots of kids too. Looking at them made me feel like a 40-year old. *sighs*

Sunday sucked donkey balls. XP I stayed home, cried a lot in the afternoon, and spent the rest of the day asleep. I was only woken up by my Father to make me eat. The day only got better when I got to talk to Mics, Joiz, and Jan, but that wasn’t until late night. *sighs*


  • Kat

    Seryoso? Nobody sa ICE? Wahahaha. Oh I know those toy shops. Bakemono & I usually browse through that even though neither one of us actually buys anything. Just fun to look around and dream, although I really want a Final Fantasy figure, one of the Summons. I’m glad you had a few moments of fun. Better than nothing, and it helps din 🙂
  • Shabby

    @Kat: Yep, Nobody sa ICE. XD; Next time I should check those shops instead of going to Greenhills. Bestoys is surprisingly cheaper than the one I order from. DX I’m eyeing the YYH cellphone charms set. I wanna give the Hiei one to somebody. Hihi~ I’m very much grateful for my gurlfriend’s company. ^_^

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