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Let’s welcome this New Year with a dance. 😀 *cues _your_ choice of dance music*

It’s that time again to reflect on how my year was. When 2013 started, I had no resolutions, plans, expectations, or anything of such. There was only one thing in my mind — 2013 WILL BE MY YEAR. Of course, I had to act on it if I wanted 2013 to be my year or better than how 2012 was. I have to say, my 2013 was full of awesome, fun, love, and laughter. It wouldn’t be so without the Universe support. For that, as usual, I am grateful.

I was able to travel again and more than I expected. I went to Washington, D.C., Virginia, El Nido, Hong Kong and some other parts of Luzon.
I visited the National Geographic Society which is my future office. I saw the very kulit, but lovable, fun, and pogi boys in Virginia. We went to school and played pool, basketball, and soccer. ♥
That adventure going to and being in El Nido! Kahit doon napaligiran ng mga nagduduty. LOL! I’m so happy Kat and I pushed through with the beach trip. The hospitality of the townspeople isn’t like anywhere else, I got to watch to a live reggae band by the beach (because the first was just the radio), went island-hopping with United Colors of Benetton, and met Fr. Karl who got me high. Capping the night by the beach, drinking beer and listening to reggae and ska is one of my simple joys. And talking to summady special even if it was over a device was the cherry on top. Then starting the day with a view of the blue water and the sound of the waves… *whistles*
While in HK, having enough for transportation and food kept me from shopping toys and films as much as I wanted to. But being there is already priceless.

The US trip made my wallet arid. It has barely recovered and so does my credit card, but I am happy with all the spending I did this year. Well, I should be! Such an expensive year — I got a pogi GX1, my ever-dearest Dante, another Instax toy, the Kobo, more toys, and lots of shoes. Should I also mention that I spent so much on food this year too? Heh. Okay, I just did.

I’ve been on a few accidents this year such as getting my foot slashed, barely missing the veins and getting nearly run over by a crazy jeepney driver causing me to fall on my knees and wail endlessly getting wounds, bruises, and a badly sprained ankle. But what matters is that I survived! And they hardly kept me from getting better and better in boxing.

Lost some loves along this year’s journey. Such a shame, but it does happen. On the other hand, I was able to know someone better & learned and still learning to love unconditionally (nuks!). I realized some are very oblivious. Wait, that includes me!
In regards to friendships, other than rekindling and strengthening, I met more awesome supplierspeople.

I would go on and on. Photo spam even. But I am itching, as I type this, to get ready for the celebration and play Borderlands. Haha~ So I’ll just end this for now with thank yous. A huge thanks to the Universe for the never-ending love, support, and happy surprises. I’m grateful to still be alive and healthy. I’m grateful for my family that they’re still here and have survived the year with me. Plus my friends, especially the usual suspects who I was able to have a pleasure of having so much quality time with this 2013.

If your life was bad to you,
Just think what tomorrow will do.

Cheers! 🙂

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