Halfway September thanks

I couldn’t come up with a better title. ^^;;;

  • Encounters with strangers who would suddenly start a (decent) conversation

  • Friends who support my boxingcareer

  • (Morning) Phone calls and messages from my boys. I am so touched on how the little boy misses me.

  • Having a phone that lets me communicate with the ♥ and my friends. ^ Yay to technology! LOL

  • A not-so-new TV that can play several PC-format videos and has a USB slot. XD; (I just found out how to load a separate subtitle file on it. Woohoo!)

  • For having Somebody I can always confide in.

  • Get-togethers with friends such as that dinner at Hana and meeting someone new at the same time (hi, Sara! as if mababasa mo ito. LOL)

Puchang pout yan

Thanks, Drew, for the pictures. ^_^

  • Body pains from boxing training as I presume it is a sign that I am doing the exercises right.

  • Being told my punches are strong. >D

  • I have bad eyesight, but nothing that can be fixed with right prescription glasses

  • Representing M1 to an event that gives me an opportunity to meet people with some kinda status

I’ve been feeling down since Sunday evening. I read that saying gratitude may give you the happies, so you can see the blessings whenever in distress.

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