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Haircut for kiddies and lunch at Tibits (Switzerland, Day 6) – Part 1 of 2

I know I should be blogging about my Bangladesh trip, but I remembered I still have a huge backlog of Switzerland 2015 travel log. Seeing the pictures in Switzerland got me excited again as well as longing to be back.

My previous posts on the vacation:

My 6th day in Switzerland, I spent it with my other Aunt and her baby (and my cousin) Sean in Zürich. That was my chance to walk around the streets of one of the largest financial centers in the world.

20150707_090439 20150707_090532 Sean
Inside die bahn and my cute cousin covering his face from the sunlight. 🙂
20150707 001
Church maybe?
20150707 002
Inside the Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Zürich HB)

20150707 003

20150707 005

20150707 006

20150707 007

20150707 008

20150707 009

20150707 011

20150707 012

20150707 013

20150707 014

No trams in the Philippines, so it’s always a joy to ride in one of these.

20150707 016

20150707 017

20150707 018
20150707 019

The first in our itinerary was my baby cousin’s haircut at Franz Carl Weber.

20150707 020 Franz Carl Weber 20150707 023 Franz Carl Weber

20150707_093841 At Franz Carl Weber Sean

20150707_094123 At Franz Carl Weber Sean

20150707 025 Franz Carl Weber 20150707 027 Franz Carl Weber
Small scooters and Peppa Pig

My Aunt asked me if I was familiar with Peppa Pig. I had no idea what Peppa Pig is. I haven’t seen merchandise of it in the Philippines nor have I heard it of it. Not until recently when I heard there was a Peppa Pig show at the new Glorietta Activity Center.

20150707 028 Franz Carl Weber

Franz Carl Weber has many very kiddie toys, but they still have some that adults can enjoy like the Harley-Davidson Motorcycles collectibles and Legos.

20150707 030 Franz Carl Weber

20150707 031 Franz Carl Weber

20150707 034 Franz Carl Weber

After the haircut, we headed out to another part of Zürich to have lunch with my Aunt’s friends. It was another tram ride.

20150707 037

20150707_105942 Shabby 20150707_105956

20150707 041

20150707 042 20150707 043
Because it’s summer, it’s the best time for construction works.

20150707 045
The Lindt building is just over there, I think.

20150707 046 20150707 047

20150707 048 20150707 049

20150707 050
Opernhaus Zürich
20150707 051
20150707 053
I think that’s Tibits just over there behind the motorcycles.

20150707 055

20150707 056
Lucky photo of a car-less street
20150707 057
It is Tibits! 😀
20150707_112347 Tibits

Tibits is a vegan/vegetarian buffet restaurant. Their food selection is unlike the local vegan eatery I know of because everything they have looks appetizing and even colorful. The local one just had yellow and green veggies food and, although they look appetizing, they weren’t. They could win the most bland food award if there was any.

20150707 059

Tibits has most of the vegetables I like, which was another good thing. Even if you’re no vegan, I still recommend trying out this resto.

20150707 060

20150707 061

This is what I had. The food did not disappoint. They looked so delicious on the buffet table and they truly were.

20150707_114356 Tibits

The mangoes really helped refresh my body because it was a very warm day. I thought I would have a break from Philippine heat, but summer in Switzerland is nearly the same! Except, there I get to see hot topless boys and men. Don’t get me started on the girls. 😛 You know that feeling when you’ve been walking under the sun and you just want to get to your destination especially if it’s a restaurant or mall or somewhere with airconditioning? That was me except many restaurants and stores in Zurich do not have ACs including Tibits. I wanted to do a Darth Vader ‘NOOOOOOOOO’ when I got inside. ^^;;;

20150707_120749 Tibits

I didn’t enjoy my drink though. Maybe if it was cold or had ice in it…

20150707 062

To give time for my Aunt to catch up with her friends, I decided to walk around to take lots of photos to share with you and play Ingress. 🙂

20150707 063 20150707 064

20150707 065 20150707 067

20150707 06620150707 068

(Continued in part 2 of 2.)

Mentioned places in this post:

  • Zürich
    Located in the north-central of Switzerland, it is the largest city in the country and capital of the canton of Zürich. The city is included among the world's largest financial centers and included in the top ten most livable cities in the world.
  • Franz Carl Weber
    Bahnhofstrasse 62
    8001 Zürich
    Phone: +41 44 225 78 78
    Fax: +41 44 212 17 21
  • Tibits
    Seefeldstrasse 2, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

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