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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, thus far

A blog gave Hai to Gensou no Grimgar a good rating, so I decided to watch it thinking it’s like any other fantasy adventure series. Based on the light novel of the same title written by Ao Jyumonji and illustrated by Eiri Shirai, the story begins when a group wakes up in an unknown place; their memories conspicuously forgotten or erased except their names (at times they would recall things such as keitai). Wanting to know where exactly they are, they find out they are in Grimgar. They were advised to work as soldier volunteers to protect the town from monsters and to earn a living. Later, those who weren’t recruited or included in other parties, formed their own — The party of Manato, Haruhiro, Yume, Ranta, Moguzo, and Shihoru. Each have their roles as a warrior, priest, or mage.

But the anime isn’t the typical fantasy adventure series. The people have to adapt and survive and, since choosing to become trainees, they have to know each other, get along well, and learn more skills to survive as even sleeping and dying could cost money. Reminds you of an RPG, huh? Where everything costs money.

The story is kind of sad yet captivating; there’s something real with it, so I couldn’t keep myself from watching. So much has happened in just a few episodes from the story to each character. They used to be so frightened to kill a single goblin then they matured to better and more skilled hunters.

The illustrations in the anime (I’m unsure if they’re the same in the light novels) are beautiful.

Sexy thief

I like how the females are drawn. They’re all sexy and cute. Not often can you say both for one character.

My favorite character is Manato. He was the most mature and very likable. He seemed to know how to best use each other’s abilities during a hunt. He managed to keep the group together; even in his death he made them closer and stronger. Moguzu might be my second favorite only because he seems sweet & knows how to cook. XD; On the other hand, Ranta would be my least favorite. He could be rude and says a lot of unnecessary things, but he did mention that no one pays attention to what he says. That could be why. Still… He’s the very odd one in the bunch.

I’ve watched until episode 8 so far. I might have finished watching this over the weekend if not for the death of Manato. Why did he have have to go so early!? T_T

Good animation at this scene

So the party had tried to overcome the death of their friend and quickly tries to get along with their new priest. Both aren’t so easy for them.

Dude, I almost bawled here.

I’m curious how this will end as well as with the light novel.

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