Gusto ko na ng bagong sapatos

I need to buy new shoes especially for work. If my Dr. Martens boots was allowed, then it would take me long before I have to buy a new one. Office/Corporate shoes barely last long when worn everyday. ~_~

That’s a LOT of shoes o_o

You’ll never wear out one in your lifetime, I guess.

I’m going to frustrate myself further.

Looks like DM’s

Such a pretty color which makes it frightening to wear

Pretty, wearable Chloe high heels

This I want! Probably my third shoe investment. XD;

Converse - Varvatos

Varvatos Bosey boots — this is ♥ and effin’ expensive

Miu Miu heels

Miu Miu

I used to have a pair of shoes like this that I bought from Linea Italia.

I ♥ shoes, but I don’t have much to prove it. 😐 This one I don’t like since I doubt I’ll be able to walk in it, but I’m still posting because it’s that weird enough to share. 😛

Heart sole

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