(Gundam Seed) – Invoke

I don’t know if I already posted this link. See live Steel Angel Kurumi. I don’t wanna watch that. *lol* Prolly only out of curiosity. Dang, my head hurts like hell. It had been a tough day. It’s supposed to be a GOOD day, but it didn’t go that well. ~__~ Calvin and I were supposed to meet yesterday afternoon. I kept telling him that he won’t prolly come _again_, but he said he will and nothing will ruin the plans. But he backed off again the last minute. I got his message when I was on my way to Eloisa’s room and do the usual MWF routine (visit that DUDE). I got really pissed then I got sad when Eloi wasn’t there. I didn’t want to go to her room anymore ‘coz that DUE would really start think I’m going there because of him. That’s bad. He shouldn’t think of that _yet_. Then I got more pissed when I found out that the customs at PO is charging me $420 to claim a package. XP I don’t know what to do with them, but I’m glad my parents are helping me. Would you believe, the guy there at customs is charging me $20/cd-ROM. Those are cd-r’s not cd-ROM’s. My goodness. How stupid. Then my mom explained to the guy the difference between the two and he insisted they’re just THE SAME. Wow…extreme baka. It’s pretty obvious the guy is CORRUPT. I tell you, when I get the _power_ all these corrupt people will face my wrath. It’s too bad that this guy is already old, he might not able to live long to _experience_ my EVIL-ness. $420 is too much and even if I did, I won’t pay that fuckin’ piece of shit. I was looking at this site — http://112.ainoyume.net (thanks to Maki) and found some links regarding good and bad hosts. I’m glad my host wasn’t listed on the bad side, so it’s all good. ^_^ I’m going to stick around with this server real long. Moonlit Midnight is finally done. I don’t know when it was finished, but I better continue reading it and leave a li’l review. That also reminds me, I gotta upload my yaoi site here and maii cliques page. I couldn’t update them because Liquid2K was bein’ an @$$. Today, I’m going to the movies with Burigs aside from the fact my eyes are starting to hurt after a few hours staring at a monitor, tv, etc. Just finished eatin’ breakfast. *lol* I had Oreo. XD I’m going to put up eternalwish here with a back-up in the other free server. Just in case I run out of money and won’t be able to pay my host. There will be extreme changes with that site. I’m going to remove all the anime stuff and stick with K-pop goodies or any _real_ people thing. You know what I mean. At least that’s something different, right? Then I’m going to update my clique and make a new one. I gotta think of what to start though. ^.^ Then Mica and I are going to start our Gravi site. wo0t! Watch out for that. XD

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  • Mica

    I’m broke T.T drats! I really wanna buy those cds from you but I’m broke T.T I wanna move back home coz I get to save more money there T.T You have a yaoi site? Lemme see when it’s done!!! ^-^ Stupid guy at the PO! kill him!!! bwahahaha!!! eherm…$h!T!!! the gravi site >.< Need to make ep summaries! Hey do you know what PV means?