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Gratitude Mondays and a reminder to live to the fullest and with kindness

20150606_220719 Love Letter Batman
Love Letter Batman
20150606_222127 Love Letter Batman
I kind of miss playing table-top games.
Also, yeah, these photos are irrelevant to the post. LOLOL

I found my old draft for a Gratitude Monday post that mentioned about the Lucifer Effect and the recent Philippine elections. I feel a bit relieved I didn’t publish that because I complained about the impact of the elections had on me, which is pretty much about trying to deal or ignore very politically passionate people. The experience was just unhealthy. Though it was good I was able to let it out by just writing it down and focused all my energy–Both negative and what was left of the positive–To other things including finishing Witcher 3. Yasssss! I finished the game! πŸ˜€

Wait, I must include that to my gratitude log:

  • I forgot when I started, but I’m so happy to have finished Witcher 3! But I also feel a little sad and even lonely (LOL!) because that’s the last of the story of Geralt. I wish I should have finished all the treasure hunts before I finished the game, so I could have gotten straight to New Game+. I’ll have to finish getting the witcher gears while knowing I won’t be seeing Geralt’s friends anymore. That’s what saddens me. Well, I won’t be seeing them again until I re-play. It’s difficult to explain why that makes me sad, but I hope you get it. ^^;;;
  • A new assignment at work, which makes me believe they know I can handle it. πŸ™‚
  • Tutto Domani was the place I often go to when I want some alone-time, I feel sad or broken-hearted, or to have quality-time with friends or the boyfriend. Well, I was able to bring an ex-boyfriend from about 5 or 6 years ago. If I were to gauge how long I have been going there, that would be it then. Besides quality time with friends and the boyfriend, I also met many very interesting persons there including its owner/chef who I will truly miss. I ♥ our conversations. πŸ™‚ There’s no other like Tutto Domani for me. I’m grateful for all the time it has been there for me.
    20120913_182728 Tutto Domani Mixed Greens
  • Just the last weekend, there was a terrorist attack in Dhaka. I posted about it only in my FB account. I’m grateful, very grateful that the people I love are safe. Natural and man-made disasters can happen unbeknownst to us. This has reminded me that I should live life to the fullest and with love and kindness.

Several innocent lives have been lost from the attack. I am at a loss for words knowing, from the news, how they died. Their deaths are very difficult to accept and definitely beyond difficult for their famiiles and loved ones. πŸ™ May those lost souls from the tragedy RIP.

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