Dentastix treat for Marie

Gratitude Mondays: Such a relief to have a no-work weekend again

Honestly, my mind is drawing a blank right now, even though I know there are so many things I am and should be grateful for. I haven’t written many gratitude logs in my journal. Probably twice or thrice only. So most of my Gratitude Mondays do not really have any reference. I should change that starting today. šŸ™‚ Also, I should get this done because I’m up late again. D:

I’m grateful for:

  • Having a weekend spent at home. Yes, I was at home all weekend. I was able to go through old and new bills and prepare payments due this week.

  • Besides the weekend, there was the non-working holiday last February 25. I was able to exercise and spent the rest of the afternoon until evening with the family. We had cocktails in Shangri-La Makati and a late dinner in Isshin. šŸ™‚

  • The current light load at work that I can catch up on books and other readings.

  • Each morning that I see my charming Marie as well as all the dinner time we spend together. She likes to be pet and hugged. She’s so cute when she asks to be petted. šŸ˜€ She makes me forget my worries and realize how happiness is as simple as spending time with what or who matters to you the most.

Sadly, because I didn’t go out over the weekend, there will be no vlog. Maybe this coming weekend since I’ve made plans.

20151206_021756 Sony PS4 Battlefront Edition

My unplanned purchase — Sony PS4 Battlefront Edition

20151206_021823 Sony PS4 Battlefront Edition

But it’s one of my favorite toys right now. This was already OOS

before the Star Wars movie release.

20151206_022344 Sony PS4 Battlefront Edition

This Darth Vader print on the Darth Vader was difficult to resist. ♥

20160224_204634 Marie 20160224_210838 Marie 20160224_210845 Marie

20160224_210930 Marie 20160224_210939 Marie 20160224_211333 Marie

Playing hide-and-seek with Marie (photo on right)

She always look younger and become more energetic when it’s her treats time

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