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Gratitude Mondays: October 26

Last week was pretty busy even until over the weekend. But I’m glad I spent it with the company of friends instead of at work.

  • Grateful that I was able to accomplish my tasks on time that I was even able to assist a co-worker. We’re nearly done with what we have to do for the project because tomorrow is already its final seminar.
  • In spite of getting things done as earlier as possible through dividing tasks, I got told on my leaving early from an OT work last Saturday. A little unprofessional mistake could really say much about a person and even more, based on the opinions of friends and family. When you’re bothered, it gets slightly difficult to make a better understanding of the person and situation. The thing I should be grateful for this incident is I am reminded that I can’t please everyone, my purpose is not to please anyone but myself, and keep working and often make myself better in what I do. I won’t deny I was bothered. I’m very grateful for the great company I had over the weekend — My boyfriend and friends who comforted me and made my weekend happier than I expected.
    20151024_234330 20151024_234427
  • Grateful that I found the ring that I thought I lost. I bought it many, many years ago in one of my US vacations and has memories of my college and K. Wasabi days. πŸ™‚
  • I’m grateful for these delicious Japanese food; a treat from the boyfriend at Tokyo Tonteki. He knew I needed happies. Hehe~
    20151024_192327 Tokyo Tonteki

    20151024_192746 Tokyo Tonteki

I hope anyone else who had a tough work week had it easy or fun over the weekend like I did. πŸ™‚ Oh, aren’t these puppies so adorbs?


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