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Gratitude Mondays: November 9

Only a few days ago did I realize that I forgot last week’s Gratitude Mondays post. I was still in Bangladesh then. Time there felt so slow because we’ve been to so many places, I’ve accomplished some writing, yet it would always still be earlier than I thought it would be. Well, I may have missed a post, but I did a gratitude log in my journal. πŸ˜‰

  • Of course I’m grateful for the many experiences in Bangladesh and the opportunity to be with the parents in their second home. For the curious, I know Bangladesh is not the majority’s choice for a vacation, I went there with my brother to visit the parents.
  • Grateful to have somehow understood the history of Bangladesh.
  • The Philippines has so many issues that need to be improved or solved, but I’ve been aware how life in it has been better than in other countries. Bangladesh included. I’m now _more_ aware after actually being in Bangladesh. Believe me, in spite of the crazy matters of the Philippines, we still have it better. Even the traffic. Although we seem to try to catch up with their horrible traffic except without the rickshaws. LOLOL
  • Grateful we were still able to tour more or less 50% of Old Dhaka, most especially, because there would be hartal from time to time.
  • These haul! And these aren’t everything πŸ™‚
    Bangladesh Buys 20151104_205835
  • I’m grateful and relieved that my parents have flown safely home (here in the Philippines) yesterday. πŸ™‚
  • I’m grateful to have spent time with friends over the weekend. Last Saturday, I went out with Phoebe for massage and Japanese dinner. Oh how I needed that massage! And yesterday was bakem0n0’s birthday celebration.

I would love to know what you, dear reader/visitor, are grateful for. Please share in the comments below. πŸ™‚

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