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Gratitude Mondays: February 22

Not forgetting today’s gratitude log! Weeeeeeee~

  • My parents had made it back home safely (though they will be leaving again soon). We had dinner at the re-opened and redesigned John and Yoko in Greenbelt 5. I prefer their new look than the old one. (I’ll do a quick review in the next post. :))
  • Accomplishing the tasks needed to be done at work and surviving while the boss was around. I mean, the work days weren’t that stressful, but just tiring especially if you’ve lost hours on weekends to work in the office. It can be draining. So, yeah, I’m grateful that’s over with even for now.
  • An old toy from the boss, yet barely used (I doubt it’s been at all). It’s a Sony Walkman — The small mp3 and video player kind. I don’t have it with me at the moment for a photo. Anyway, he _had_ a bunch of those, but gave them away. I’m glad it came with a cable. It looks similar to those old iPod/iPhone ones, but I’m sure they’re Sony Walkman-exclusive type. The Walkman just needed charging and it still works!
  • The chance to be with my very special friend last Saturday. We met up in Shangri-La Hotel Makati while she was being a chaperon to her folks and her folks’ friend and had dinner at Tokyo Tonteki where the boyfriend met up with us. You know that moment when you haven’t seen your friend/s in only less than a month, but you had so much to tell? That’s how it was for me. It’s just great to be with her.
    20160220_211757 Tokyo Tonteki Dinner
    Tokyo Tonteki dinner spread. We _weren’t_ hungry.
  • There was something bothering me for a while now, which I was able to talk about with a friend. Being able to discuss that troublesome thought was a relief and another after discoering I wasn’t the only one bothered.

20160219_213315 Pablo Millefleuille 20160219_213432 Pablo Millefleuille 20160219_213455 Pablo Millefleuille
Pablo’s Cheese Millefleuille
20160218_113007 Mapua Tranportation Summit
Mapua Transportation Summit: One of those I had to assist my boss with.
20160218_113307 Mapua Tranportation Summit
The Japanese man second from the left is my boss.

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