Gratitude Log

Gratitude Mondays: February 1

Incredible, it’s already February! It feels like it hasn’t been that long since Christmas. Time sure flies by fast. It’s another Monday gratitude log:

  • I have a boyfriend who cares for me especially when I have a terrible headache (because I rarely get fevers nowadays), which he claims is stress-induced. As much as possible, I avoid painkillers. Sometimes I would drink caffeine for it or have a piece of chocolate. What he does though is massage my head. He’s learning. XD
  • Each working day, my boyfriend accompanies me to and from work. My route to work isn’t the safest, so having company and especially of a partner is great. πŸ˜€
  • I’m very grateful that I have my life easy. I say this because I’ve seen too many deaths and killings on media and it made me sad for the people whose lives were cut short. I thought of all the things I have, can do, and especially for being alive and well.
  • I’m grateful my mom is around. Even though we have misunderstandings, it’s always nice to have kwentuhan nights with her and over a cup of joe.
  • Random photos from last year and of recent:

    20151019_121159 MUCEP Lunch 20151019_124828 MUCEP Lunch
    Lunch at a previous project was seafood. Dessert is the famous banana-choco cake from Banapple.
    20151019_121252 MUCEP Lunch
    Delicious as it looks! But such an effort to eat.
    20160121_211615 Marie 20160121_211615 Marie
    Marie pushed off the candle on top of that tile (those are actually dining table decors) to rest her leg on 😐

    Hm, maybe I ought to do a weekly post of photos I haven’t uploaded or, because I don’t want to spam followers, couldn’t upload to Instagram.

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