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Gratitude Mondays: Family times are priceless

  • I’m grateful I was able to spend time with the family before they returned to their second home.
  • I had to do some work on a Saturday, but I’m grateful that I did not spend it in the office. I can concentrate at home because I’m comfortable, there’s food in the fridge and selection of drinks even though I only drink tea or coffee all the time, and home-cooked meals are always the best!
  • The bear keychain and cellphone charm that my Mom gave me. Both are from her trip in South Korea. I ♥ ’em! πŸ˜€
Bear Keychain 20150901_055933

Bear Keychain 20150901_060135

Seoul Tower August Bear 20150901_060154

Seoul Tower August Bear 20150901_060243

Seoul Tower August Bear 20150901_062332

My Mom bought the cellphone charm for me because its name is my birth month. πŸ™‚ It’s been attached to my phone’s earphone plug ever since. If you don’t know yet, I ♥ cellphone charms and I still collect them even though phones nowadays make it almost impossible to attach them until earphone plugs have been utilized.

Seoul Tower August Bear 20150901_062459

Now I just need straps with earphone jacks, so I can use my other collection. Anyone know where I can buy without having to go to Divisoria or Baclaran?

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