Gratitude Mondays: December 7

Waah~ I skipped another Gratitude Mondays post. ^^;;; The only excuse I have is my re-upping this blog. If only I had figured out earlier how to import everything including the media, then I would have finished earlier. I would have had a break and be able to write my Gratitude Mondays post.

Anyway, my weekend was great! 😀 That would be the highlight of my gratitude list.

  • But I’ll begin first with something work-related 😉 — I was able to catch up with copy-editing reports that were due Thursday last week. I’m unsure what else we have to do for the project, but I think a huge load is already off my tasks. We’ve been copy-editing and formatting since October after all.

  • Accomplishing a big request for the family especially for my Aunt/Ninang. I’ll be ‘rewarded’ with pasalubong. 😀 The request is not over yet, but the biggest part of it is over.

    The boyfriend accompanied me to BHS for the request. :)
    The boyfriend accompanied me to BHS for the request. 🙂

  • Fun game night with the boyfriend and ENL folks. We played Ca$h ‘n Guns and Samurai Sword. 😀 I won in the first (out of two) rounds of of Ca$h ‘n Guns and had the most honor points in Samurai Sword. We unintentionally not follow one rule, so we were playing Samurai Sword for an hour or so. But it didn’t become dragging or boring. It’s a good game that I want to try with my loves and the usual suspects.
    20151105 003 Snapchat-5348407536216104983

    20151205_215317 Ludo game night with ENL 20151206_012608 Ludo game night with ENL

  • Good food and coffee at Luna Specialty Coffee
    20151205_103854 Luna Specialty Coffee 20151205_104640 Luna Specialty Coffee

  • My favorite toy atm 😀
    20151205_143718 PS4 Star Wars Battlefront 20151206_022650 PS4 Star Wars Battlefront

    Thanks to my contributors for the additional funds (LOL!) and my boyfran for carrying it for me ♥

    I was afraid it would be so once the movie is out, so I had to buy it asap. 😀

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