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Gratitude Mondays: December 14

  • Still grateful for my new PS4 Star Wars: Battlefront Edition. ♥ πŸ˜€ Battlefront is the first game I’ve played online, in multiplayer mode, and in a console.
  • I was told the Festival of Lights at Ayala Triangle Gardens this year is better than last year’s and I have to agree. I watched it with my boyfriend who seemed to be in awe because he was quiet the whole time. XD; There was also a hundred (or so) people who watched and took selfies as they tried to capture the lights as their background. I did a vlog that night, which shall be up tomorrow. The upload is a struggle because my vlogs are often 3-digits big. The best compression at 720p is still a mystery to me. ^^;;;
  • Surprise shoulder and neck rubs by the boyfriend when I get stressed. ♥
  • The Saturday afternoon date with my dearest girl friend and seeing another high school batchmate at her son’s birthday party.
    Caesar Salad of Garde Manger. Garde Manger serves big bowls (like ramen bowls) of salads that are totally worth the price!

    20151212_155619 20151212_160248


    She was also a close friend back in high school, but we sorta stopped hanging out after college because, you know, life. Hoping that will change soon. πŸ˜‰

Video clip above is from my Snapchat.

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