Gratitude Log

Gratitude Monday: “Truly happy people find ways to give thanks for the little, insignificant trifles”

  • I’m glad I was able to start this day and work week with an early rise. πŸ™‚ I made it to work at the proper time and was able to accomplish 90% of my tasks.
  • I enjoy receiving messages from my Aunts abroad. I used to send snail mail to one of them when I was a li’l girl. Priorities do change as you grow old especially when there are more things you can’t or find difficult to tell your family like boy crushies or yaoi (LOL!). There’s nothing exciting with talking about school either. But as I’ve gotten older, I can relate to them in several ways. πŸ™‚ Thanks to technology, we can quickly exchange messages, photos, and videos. I also get updated on how my youngest cousin in CH is doing. πŸ™‚
  • I’m grateful for the quality time with my dearest friend and co-beauty blogger at Glam Love, Joiz, last Thursday night until Friday morning. We would meet from time to time or whenever we can, but we still had so many things to talk about. πŸ˜€ We walked from TAT Japanese Restaurant where we had our dinner to about four branches of Starbucks. We barely felt tired from the long walk because we kept talking and talking and talking… XD
  • I spent the Sunday evening with my boyfriend over dinner, coffee, and video editing at Bo’s Coffee. A change of environment is what we needed.

… Be grateful for useless things. It is relatively easy to be thankful for the most important and obvious parts of life β€” a happy marriage, healthy kids or living in America. But truly happy people find ways to give thanks for the little, insignificant trifles.

20151223_115448 Lindeman's Cawarra 20151223_112959 Montrouge Cabernet Sauvignon
A couple of red wine from the office’s Christmas party
(A party isn’t complete without red wine. ;))

The quotes above are from “Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier.” by Arthur C. Brooks at

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