Grand Metro Autofest 2010

The Grand Metro Autofest 2010 was held last Saturday at Megatent Ortigas.

Grand Metro Autofest 2010

I only told Marco about this, so it was fortunate that he was able to go. I didn’t have to brave the guys with poser huge dicksbig lenses alone. πŸ˜› I was surprised at the “photographers” in the event. Talk about the evolution of the cameras they bring. DX They’re getting bigger and bigger… While I only had my Golden Half+Colorsplash Flash with me. Well, I got bigger advantage than them because that means I get to be closer to the models. Hrhr~

Metro Grand Autofest 2010 001
A panoramic shot inside the Megatent

Metro Grand Autofest 2010 002
GTR *_*

There were a number of shiny purty cars that almost made me cry. Gotta work my ass off, so I can get one of those… Then die without making the most of my life because all I did was work. LOL

I only took two crappy shots with my cellphone since the Golden Half did most of the job. πŸ˜›

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