Got Chinese Man’s tune?

I’ve Got That Tune

It suddenly crossed my mind to look for Betty Boop videos when I saw first saw that. Betty Boop was part of my childhood. I remember watching it on a 2.5″ x 2.5″ black-and-white TV.

I’ve Got That Tune is by Chinese Man. They are based in France and under Chinese Man Records. Their music is influenced by trip-hop, hip-hop, reggae, dub, jazz, and funk. From the record label’s page:

Band, label, brotherhood… Hard to identify at best the three sidekicks of Chinese Man.

A head of a Brazilian favela with an eccentric hairstyle named Z? Mateo, a Buddhist monk specialized in euthanasia aka Sly and a Polish gangster in Long Beach near Lyon, well known as High Ku…

Here is the only information gathered by the Chinese authorities after more than five years of international investigation.

I am plugging them because I dig their music. Everyone must give them a listen as well as watch them. And I don’t mean watch their videos, but a live performance. They will be performing in Manila very soon! I will be giving more details about it as soon as I can. Being that I’ll be elsewhere on their gig, I hope my friends will be able to see them for me. 😉


Chinese Man Records

Chinese Man blog

Bandcamp Page

Samurai.FM Page (with Chinese Man Records)

7th Street

(You might need 3D glasses for this LOL)

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