Godot! And One Luv gig + garage sale

Oh, I read something about a CC fraud in another blog. Haven’t encountered this and I doubt I will, but for those who might be likely targeted, please read.

I got lazy again to plug… And got busy with other things too like PLURK and GYAKUTEN SAIBAN 3. I ♥ DIEGO ARMANDO! I can’t help, but look at his pants in the picture on the left. XDDD Aah~ My 2d list of crushes is very long now. XDDD Anyway, time to recap what has been going on with me lately. I’ll try my best to skip the boring ones. *lol*

June 13 — Friday the 13th — the night of our gig at One Luv. ^_^ We had a hard time commuting. :/ It took us almost an hour to wait for a ride. There were hardly any jeep nor taxi. We were so tired as soon as we got to One Luv. Damn far place. I wish they would move closer… Somewhere in Makati would be better. At least we won’t be worrying about paying for tolls. HAHAHA~ XD J/k!

It was already about 10:30PM when we arrived and there weren’t many people in the bar. The show started with 137 JAZZ TRIO w/ MANG KANO. I think they played for more than an hour. I remember falling asleep in the middle because we sat at the darkest area of the bar. It’s like sleeping in the bedroom with the lights off… Except for the noise. ^^; Yeah, I can sleep even when it’s noisy. I think 2 more band played before us. During the second song of the band before us, the electricity fluctuated. *lol* A few seconds later, the electricity totally went out. That was only for a minute though. It was funny hearing the drummer suddenly playing by himself. XDDD I guess the ghosts near the cemetery got annoyed. *lol*

Then we played. My heart wasn’t fully into it. I got mad at our trumpet player, EJ, for not showing up at the last minute. He said his girlfriend is at the hospital. I do remember him telling that his gf is due sometime this month. But, well… I don’t know… I find it hard to believe since he did that to us before — not showing up at the last minute and having a bajillion reasons for not going to practices. I’m tired of him and his excuses. I told my bf he’ll be in charge of contacting him should there be a need. Peace Pipe played after. We stayed until their 3rd song and we left. That was almost 2AM.

The morning of June 14, my parents woke me up early because we’ll be having a garage sale again in my Tita’s place in Merville. I wasn’t in a good mood due to the lack of sleep. There were so many people in my Tita’s garage when we got there. We didn’t know where to place our stuff anymore. I kept quiet most of the time, watched the people look at the stuff my Tita was selling, and looked after our things. I’m sure there would be people stealing and stuffing their pockets with the small stuff.

Some people noticed me looking ultimately pissed. They said the others should move, so we can start our display. No one moved though… Even those people who said so. >_> Then when my Dad opened the box full of bags, we didn’t get to display them properly and be able to watch over them. They surrounded the box. At first, even though I was pissed, I was polite enough and even said “Excuse me” to handle things since my parents seem to have given up. But they didn’t budge. I tried to shove them away. That still didn’t help, so I shouted at them. That’s only when they gave way.

The problem didn’t stop there. When almost everyone left, we noticed there were some stuff missing. *sighs* That’s why I made a post about thieves here. It’s really hard to deal with uneducated people. >_<

I was supposed to go the Toycon the day after, but I was up all night playing Gyakuten Saiban. I ended up sleeping the whole afternoon. ^_^V I so wanted to take pictures of cosplayers. Ugh~ I also missed the WEWY Mingle session. -_-

Anyway, will have to end this here for now. I have to eat lunch then go to Glorietta, and have my Dad’s friend’s Nokia cellphone fixed.

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