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Globe’s UNLIMAIL Launch and weekend rest

My Friday night was a busy (and happy) one. Thanks to the Globe UNLIMAIL Launch event that slipped my mind because I didn’t think I’d be included in their guest list. ^^; Jan and I were supposed to just spend Friday night window shopping. Seconds after I proposed that idea to Jan, Coy of ThisIsCoy.Net sent a reminder sms about the launch. I inquired if it’s really alright to go even if my phone wasn’t included in those capable of the UNLIMAIL app. He said it is. Well, there’s nothing to lose if I go and there were freebies. Hrhr~ Being that the venue is new to me, I asked Jan if it’s alright for her to accompany me. The magic word was ‘freebies’ still. *lol* The next problem was how to get there.

First thing’s first — we needed a map. Thank goodness for the existence of Google Maps. ^_^ After printing out a map, I went home first to change and leave work stuff. Jan and I agreed on meeting at Ortigas. I thought I would be late since I would be riding from EDSA. But Jan skipped the train and rode the bus. I was able to finish a book, eat a waffle, smoke, and finish a bottle of Minute Maid while I waited. She arrived after 30 minutes or so in Robinson’s Galleria where I waited for her instead of in Ortigas MRT station. T_T Stupid line and traffic. I got impatient and irritated out of worry that we might not make it to the event. If we didn’t, it would have been shameless of me to even ask Jan to be added in the guest list. ^^;

There were no cabs around, so we rode a jeepney. A jeepney driver told us that our landmark would be Caltex, but we got off the jeepney too early. There were two Caltex stations. *facepalms* I kidded Jan about being too excited to do a walkathon. XD; We found the BlueWater Day Spa after a long long walk. The place looked empty which was odd. I checked my cellphone and read Coy’s message that he gave us the wrong address. O_O It was 4 minutes until 9PM. I was almost disheartened because I knew the event was only from 7PM to 9PM. I called Coy to ask where they were exactly. I forgot that we haven’t met formally and I talked to him over the phone as if we’re friends. ^_^V We went off again in search of the other branch which was just right beside the mall. *facepalms again* Oh well, we learned a lot from that walk — like possible shortcuts, restaurants, spas, and hair salons. *lol*

UNLIMAIL launch in BlueWater Day Spa
UNLIMAIL launch in BlueWater Day Spa

I finally met Coy, signed on the guest list, and waited for whatever’s supposed to happen. *lol* I had no idea why they were making us wait until I realized they were already giving the free massage then and there! All the trouble was so worth it. Haha~ Isn’t it obvious that I ♥ spas? XD

Theater-like spa
Theater-like spa

It’s the first time I’ve seen such spa. *_* Confessions of a Shopaholic was showing when we got in. Before the massage, Gino — a representative from Globe — briefed us about the UNLIMAIL. That was the most fun briefer I ever had. πŸ˜€ All he could do was demonstrate the application using his cellphone. We couldn’t do it on our phones because Globe’s WAP service that night was being shitty. I couldn’t do it on mine anyway because of incompatibility issues.

The foot spa machine. I dunno what it's called. :P
Preparing for foot massage
Jan just waiting for her feet to get massaged LOL
Jan waiting for the foot massage as well
A sandwich while having a massage and watching Confessions of a Shopaholic.
Watching Confessions of a Shopaholic while eating sandwich ^^
Jan's foot being killed. XD
Her feet are getting killed. XD;
A foot massage after a long walk is the best!
♥ Heavenly!

The massage completed my night. There were other reasons too, but I can’t disclose them here. πŸ˜› We got our kit before we left. The kit contains the UNLIMAIL briefer, a CD, Globe pen, and 2 movie tickets. There were supposed to be Power Mac Center vouchers too, but they ran out of it. πŸ™ Here’s to hoping I’ll still get those. *pokes Coy*

I intend to have my full body massage in BlueWater Day Spa within the week hopefully. ^_^ Anyone care to join? I can’t say much yet about the massage other than the foot service was great. The theater spa is something everyone should experience. Their Greenhills branch is the only one that has it.

Saturday and Sunday were rest days. Pretty much the same as last week’s when I slept for hours and did online duties. I actually had Saturday night plans — Shonen Knife had a gig at Mall of Asia which I have been planning to watch when I found out about it. I didn’t go because I was tired and the plan was a bit ruined. ~_~ Sunday night was spent with the family. We had coffee and iced drinks at CBTL Greenbelt 3. That’s where and when I drafted this blog post. πŸ˜› How was everyone’s weekend?


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