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Furby and Doraemon McD Happy Meal toys

This Furby is currently displayed on my office desk. A co-worker is creeped out while the others find this Furby cute. LOL!

Furby McDonald's Happy Meal 001

Furby McDonald's Happy Meal 002

Before I could get another Furby toy, Doraemon Happy Meal toys came out. And I like Doraemon way more than Furby. XD So I got the keychain. I have it on my Eastpack backpack which I used in high school and using it again for office. Saves me from having to buy a new backpack. My mom is great in storing things. πŸ˜€

Doraemon McDonald's Happy Meal 001

The Doraemon keychain is big as it includes a ruler and magnifying glass.

Doraemon McDonald's Happy Meal 002

Doraemon McDonald's Happy Meal 003

Both toys were for less than $5 each including the junk foodmeal.

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