From Manila to Dulles

It’s an early early early chilly morning here in VA. X3 Hi all!

I kept saying I should already start the photospam blog posts or travelog of my first trip this year. I should stop the habit of posting a year or two after. Heh. It’s only now I get to because I’ve been too tired from the daily walking and bringing of a huge bag and coat when going around, I get easily distracted with HGTV, I spend most of my rest time talking to summady (& doing so just relaxes me a lot hihi~), and I play with the boys.

Since I’m awake at this time of 5:14AM, I should use chance to post about my adventure flight from Manila to Dulles.

After that stressful line in the jologs airport,  a new plane makes up for it. Yey. #Delta
After that stressful line in the jologs airport, the new Delta plane makes up for it. Yey.

I left around the last weekend of February. I packed mostly thin clothing since I was only allowed by my Dad to bring just one big luggage. I can just layer them on anyway.


Plane food. My favorite would be the soba which we had during the flight from Narita to NY.

Washroom smells of Chanel. Hahaha~ #Narita Adjust flush sound and more instructions #Narita
Our first stop was Japan.

Narita airport staff thought I was Japanese. They spoke to me in their language. I could only understand bits. ^^;;; (Thanks, anime and doramas! LOL) And while everyone else walked barefoot during the scanning, I was given slippers.

The layover was only two hours, so I didn’t have much time to look around. I just checked the duty free shop to our gate.


It’s hard not to leave empty-handed.

Should have gotten the Royce Potato Chips #Narita
I looked at all those, but got me a KitKat in green tea flavor instead.


#Narita McD's
I wanted to order πŸ™


In line for the flight to NY and that's what I wore to the 4?C Washington, DC.  #Narita
In line for the flight to NY and that’s what I wore to the 4?C (at the time) Washington, DC.

Some of the music albums are old, but at least I got to listen to Passion Pit’s with the song Take a Walk.

I’m so glad my seat was by the aisle and we had our own monitors. The flight became bearable, but next time I shall avail an economy comfort (if I would still ride Delta) when I can’t spare for business class. I was able to watch Lola Versus and The Watch. If you check the link, you will find that the latter has higher rating than Lola Versus. ^^;;;

After about 13 hours of flight, we arrived in New York. We had about two hours layover before our flight to Dulles. There was a shocking long queue in the immigration that we had to tell security about our next flight. The security can be intimidating, but thankfully they let you go ahead if you have a flight to rush for.

Inside Washington Dulles International Airport which reminded me of Detroit’s airport

The flight from NY to Dulles, VA takes less than an hour. This time around, of course, there aren’t any immigration to go through since we came in via local flight. My uncle and li’l Jeremy picked me and my mum up. They were surprised I was only wearing shorts. LOLOL

I have been having a nice time so far. I have revisited some places such as Georgetown and Pentagon City. I went to National Geographic which I have been saying will be my future office as a photographer. Bahahaha~ XD

Anyway, I should go back to bed since we will be hearing mass later. Next in my travelog will be Great Falls Park.

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