Friday UP Fair

Jan and I did go to the UP Fair last Friday. We were lucky that we were able to get tickets thanks to Kim who’s Jan’s officemate & we didn’t have to wait so long in line just to get in because of Erick’s tip. πŸ˜€ That was the first time I went on a Friday, so I didn’t expect there would be such a long long line. We stayed for less than three hours, I guess. We only had shawarma rice and looked around for trinkets. We didn’t go to the concert grounds because of the huge crowd.

UP Fair 2011 001

UP Fair 2011 002
Flying fiesta

UP Fair 2011 003

UP Fair 2011 004
Sleeping guy is sleeping… On the dusty ground 😐

UP Fair 2011 005
Ferris wheel!

UP Fair 2011 007
After shawarma rice is a mango shake from Fruitas

UP Fair 2011 008 UP Fair 2011 009
Larry and Jan

UP Fair 2011 010
A lot are into this

It got boring, so I looked for Larry. I also wanted to get my Tic Tacs. πŸ˜› We tried that “hit the stack of cans” game before we went home. I would have declined the guy who kept telling me to try the game if it weren’t for the small Snoopy toy. DX But I suck at such games. I lost and didn’t get anything.

Pictures taken with a Digital Harinezumi 2; Flicker set


  • Kat

    The first time I went to the UP fair, mga 5 PM ako dumating tapos I got 15 tickets haha. Para akong scalper. I never made it to the top of that rockclimb thing. Natalo pa ako ni Bakemono.

    The next time I went, tambay lang sa labas at nag isaw. Kinda miss it, but not really.

    • Shabby

      Aga ha. *lol* I have never tried to rock climb because I don’t find it as exciting as bungee jumping. XDDD

      Malapit na nga rin kami mapatambay na lang sa labas ni Jan dahil sa haba ng pila. Mga 10PM na ata pagdating namin doon at ang haba-haba pa ng pila. If we really stayed in line, I think we’ll only get to stay for 15 minutes tops. πŸ˜›