Fly to the Sky – I Want You I Need You

Okay, so where should I start now? *sigh* I somehow managed to get over my depression. I wonder how the heck I did that, but it’s good you know. It’s already driving me nuts. It’s prolly because I let it all out to my brother. Good thing he was listening! *lol*

I decided to wait for the right time even though I really don’t believe in waiting. When you feel it is the right moment then go for it, right? I hate waiting. I really do. I don’t think I’m making any sense. XP Last Saturday I really felt like already telling that dude, but the questions is…HOW! I also don’t see him every Saturday. Earlier, I was telling Eloisa about some of plans on how to tell the dude about it. She said, “You’ve been planning those out last weekend?!” *rofl* I’m a crazy bitch~

I’m bored. Darnit. I should start studying seriously again. Gotta set my mind on that. I’m already pretty busy, but things will get busier than ever now. ^_______^

I got to talk to Jepoy again earlier. I told him how I hated what he did to me last Friday. DAYAM! XP It was an awfully embarassing situation. Ugh~ It could ruin my image, me thinks. *sweatdrop* Jepoy was only smiling when I said that and he told me to talk to Eloisa about it ‘coz she’s the only one at the moment who can help me. That’s what I think so too. Eloi needs though is some guts/courage. Waaah! She’s doing this for me, so she should have those!!! I’ll really repay her in any way I can if she’ll help me. I swear that…

:/ I feel like writing a fic. Mwehehehehehe~~

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