Fly to the Sky – Condition Of My Heart

Mwehehehehe~ I’m still listening to this song. XD Freakin’ goodness, WOO HYUK is soO HOT in the MTV Awards, Maki!! XDDD Woo Hyuk was very _happy_ there. ^.^ Jae Won, as usual, was very quiet and Tony was lookin’ all cool and stuff. Waah…I’m beginning to miss H.O.T a lot. 😛 Oh yeah, the girls couldn’t stop screaming when JTL walked to the stage. Even while Tony was doing his short speech, the fans were going crazy. Hahahhhahaha~ JTL’s really got a strong audience impact. ^________^ No doubt about it. They’re all HOT. XDDD I finished downloading 1TYM’s Nasty. *rofl* Baek Kyoung’s f*cking hilarious! So kawaii~ He was doing some weird facial expressions. XD Jin Hwan’s dancin is awfully cool. I saw Danny rap long for the very first time! ‘Coz, usually, I watch in Showking M, he was hardly viewed rappin’ that much. I also liked his singing better with One Love. ^^ It was always…uhmm…I forgot the name of the group leader…who sang. O___Ov But they’re still hot. I wish they make a vid of Bus. Haha~ I like that song a lot. ^__^ I gotta learn how to upload files here, so I can show some kick ass piccies of maii K-pop boiz. XDD I was lookin at some K-pop girl artists’ pics ‘coz I want to try a new hair cut. My hair is really long now. Ugh~ I haven’t cut it since…when was it again? O__o See how long it is already? I was thinking of one of Eugene’s (SES) hairstyles. It’s a hairstyle for only young girls. hahahahaha~ I’m feeling YOUNG! J/k! Anyhoo, I already had my hair cut like Makino’s so it _might_ look good on me. Still better to look around before I do anything with my hair. What a waste. I wanted to try BoA’s look but long hairs are hard to manage specially in this freakin’ country where the weather is hot and you only end up tying your hair. What’s the use of getting your hair long, right? Geez~ Darnit. One of my site’s having some problems. It’s prolly the css that’s ruining it, but it should be back to normal since I fixed it up to the old css again but it won’t work. Argh…what a crap. I’ll prolly have to change the overall layout. XP
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