Fly to the Sky – Condition Of My Heart

Aiya~ Why the heck am I starting to listen to Fly to the Sky’s songs?! It’s not bad, it’s just that I never listen to them EVERYDAY. @_____@v Condition Of My Heart is good, but sentimental though. I don’t like sentimental songs, but such songs of FTTS are nice. ^___^

Wtf is wrong with Blogger?! My isp is working fine. Hmm…they’re being weird again. Now I can’t work on shot‘s blogger account. XP Really, Blogger is such a pain in the ass. Ugh~ I can’t even blog in my own account there ‘coz I’m going to put updates in Smashing Blue. Damn that blogger. Oh wellz~ I hope everything goes well again. I might have to move that thing somewhere else.

Talking about updates, I just updated for you. I only got a few things though. There’ll be more soon. Bleh~ I gotta stop with trades for the meantime ‘coz my budgets goin’ down, down, down, down… XP I gotta save up some money again before I start doing more trades and other things again.

Hmm…I gotta read fics again. ^^ It’s been a while…mwehehehe~