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First Japanese restaurant finding this year: Hanagushi

Hanagushi opened only last year at The Beacon Makati. I’ve seen this restaurant since its opening, but only decided to go when I saw they offer a “cook your own takoyaki.”

20180406_215614 Hanagushi Dinner

They have an extensive menu and you can already tell so from their website. We took a long time choosing. I want to order so many, but my stomach has its limits and so does my wallet. πŸ˜†

Upon ordering, they will give a warm hand towel and a side dish.

20180406_221214 Hanagushi Dinner
The side dish: eggplant with bits of pork.

Preparing the takoyaki

20180406_221821 Hanagushi Dinner

20180406_221844 Hanagushi Dinner

(Sorry if the varying photo sizes bothers you. It bothers me too. I was excited and forgot to set my phone camera to one resolution.)

20180406_221941 Hanagushi Dinner

In Hanagushi, you can choose from pork, octopus, and cheese (iirc) for the takoyaki.

20180406_221943 Hanagushi Dinner
Pouring more flour

20180406_222200 Hanagushi Dinner
They must be continuously turned over

20180406_222700 Hanagushi Dinner
Almost done!

20180406_223116 Hanagushi Dinner
Adding the bonito and mayo toppings

20180406_223125 Hanagushi Dinner

I would love to have takoyaki now (in this chilly rainy weather) with warm sake. ♥

Sashimi Teishoku and our other orders

I had the Sashimi Teishoku (Php350). A set includes miso soup, salad, fruits, and a bowl of rice. Rice are unlimited when you order a set.

20180406_222754 Hanagushi Dinner

20180406_223232 Hanagushi Dinner

The sashimi doesn’t seem much, but they’re hiding under those veggies. πŸ˜› Each slice was also thick to my surprise. πŸ™‚

20180406_223242 Hanagushi Dinner

20180406_222842 Hanagushi Dinner
I wish I can remember what this was 😐

Hanagushi is the only Japanese restaurant I’ve seen so far that offers horse meat, whale meat, wagyu, chicken, and liver sashimi. I want to try them even though all of them scares my stomach already. πŸ˜†


I’ve seen some reviews that mention issues with the service. I found the service good; they’re not slow. The waitresses were friendly and pleasant and the one who taught us how to cook the takoyaki was all smiles even.

The food was good. I love their tuna. The quality has been consistent in my two visits. I want to go back again to confirm they do get good tuna supply. πŸ˜› Reasons…

Hanagushi would definitely be one of my recommendations for having a lot of food choices for both raw and grilled food lovers. πŸ™‚

Location and contact

As previously mentioned, Hanagushi is located in The Beacon Makati.

Address: Ground Floor The Beacon, Don Chino Roxes cor. A. Arnaiz Avenues, Makati City 1223
Mobile number: 0928-866-2565
Open Time: 5PM to 1AM

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