First batch Android games reviews

This is probably the first time I skipped on a celebratory birthday post. πŸ˜› But I will surely have a post-birthday blog post with my usual file sharing and details on what I did on that extra extra special, wonderful day. πŸ˜€ For now, here are short reviews of the games I play and used to play with my Android devices. This has been long overdue.

Autumn Dynasty
A unique real-time strategy game.

Autumn Dynasty
Autumn Dynasty

Travel has become difficult with saboteurs treading or camping the land when the government was at its weak state. A scholar is sent on trip by the government to, if I remember right, deliver scrolls. (Please correct me if I’m wrong. I haven’t played this game for months!) Along the way, he encounters subversives but luckily gets rescued by an army. That’s where the game play starts.

Autumn Dynasty 001

Autumn Dynasty 002
Photos from the Google Play Store

Simple yet requires tactics skills in facing and beating the bad guys before they wipe your army out. You have to properly ‘draw or map’ where you want your army to go and charge. I have only played until the second chapter then I couldn’t load it anymore. The game crashes and usually take long to load even with my Dante. The dialogue scenes were boring and long. Probably longer even than the game play itself. Maybe that’s just for the first few chapters. But I still recommend this game for the art and it’s RTS, people!

Available on Google Play Store.

Happy Mall Story
Cute cute cute virtual shopping mall simulation game πŸ˜€

Happy Mall Story

You open up restaurants and stores in a brand new mall. You start with the ground floor and would base what establishment to open depending on the customers needs. The more you give them what they want and upgrade the establishments with more items, the more you earn. This game has IAPs as well, but if you continuously play, it wouldn’t be so hard to get money and gems/diamonds for special items or to fast-forward construction.

Happy Mall Story 001

I enjoy this game because it’s cute and definitely happy. πŸ˜› If you like that then get this. The notifications for tours and store openings can be annoying, but I think you can turn that off.

Happy Mall Story

Available for free with IAPs in Google Play Store.

Little Alchemy (Free)
The Little Alchemy (beta) for Android is a port from the Chrome game add-on. Pretty simple game — Just mix elements to create new ones. It’s fun and could also frustrating at the same time especially when you already have a lot of elements.


Available for free on Google Play Store.

Zombies Ate My Friends
This was a recommendation over at Google Play Store. I was sort of desperate for a new game for my Dante then since Autumn Dynasty wouldn’t work and my handhelds were at home.

Cute loading screen of Zombies Ate My Friends

Zombies Ate My Friends is a cute side-scroll and turn-based casual zombie survivor game. You beat zombies with weapons you gather along the way as you search for other survivors. You also gather health and energy items.

Items and zombies

I found it cute at first until the inventory limitation made this game frustrating. I hoard crazy in all RPGs I play, so the limitation was already a bummer. You have to make a purchase to get a bag with bigger space. Well, what do you expect with a free game? LOL

Available for free with IAPs on Google Play Store.

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